Guitar and Ukulele prices, options and ordering

For years, DeVine Guitars and Ukulele has been producing custom instruments to satisfy the needs of great musicians and collectors around the world.

All base model Guitars include the following:

  • Kasha or X-bracing curly Koa back & sides
  • Engelmann Spruce top
  • Honduran Mahogany neck
  • two-way truss rod
  • Ebony fingerboard bridge
  • Mother of Pearl or abalone fretboard dots on face & side
  • choice of Koa, Ebony or Maple binding on the body and fretboard
  • Slotted headstock w/ Waverly tuners
  • and a custom Ameritage hardshell case.


All base model Ukuleles include the following:

  • Kasha/Muse bracing
  • curly Koa back & sides
  • your choice of matching koa, cedar, or Engelmann Spruce top
  • Honduran Mahogany neck
  • Carbon Fiber neck rod
  • Ebony fingerboard & bridge
  • Radiused Fretboard
  • Side Soundport
  • Mother of Pearl or abalone fretboard dots on face and side
  • choice of Koa, Ebony or Maple binding on the body and fretboard
  • Waverly open back machine tuners
  • Aquila strings
  • and a custom Ameritage hardshell case.

Things to think about when purchasing a custom instrument

Ask people that already play the luthier's instruments.
There is no better way to find out about a paticular custom guitar or ukulele builder than to ask people that already have one. A luthier should have some reviews or testimonials on their website that you may be able to contact and find out first hand about the overall quality of their work.
Find out how long a luthier has been building.
How experienced is the luthier? It may not be wise to spend $3000-$5000 on a custom instrument from a luthier that has not had sufficient experience to be able to customize an instrument for a players particular syle.
What type of instruments and playing styles does the luthier specialize in?
Find a luthier that builds in the style or type of music that you play. If you are playing soft jazz or finger picking styles, you may not want a luthier that specializes in strumming or pop/rock instruments.
How long is the waiting list?
We are all very excited when it comes to finally ordering that first (or 10th for that matter) hand made ukulele or guitar. Something not a lot of people think about is the waiting list. Most luthiers will have at least a year or two waiting list so please contact us to find out how long the current wait is?
Are the woods being used to build your custom instrument seasoned and luthier quality materials?
For any instruments to remain stable for the duration of it's life, the beautiful and rare woods it is constructed of NEED to be well seasoned and of a certain grade to produce a great sounding and long lasting work of art.
Talk to the luthier.
A very simple step, and very important. See if you have a connection with the luthier. The process of having an instrument built for you can go much more smoothly if you and the luthier understand each other. The more the luthier knows about you, your history and your playing style, the more the instrument will reflect and accentuate your playing.


Steel string jumbo guitar $7500
Steel string parlor guitar $6900
Famenco or classical guitar $6900
Baritone Kasha/Muse ukulele $4500
Tenor Kasha/Muse ukulele $4200
Concert Kasha/Muse ukulele $4000