The history of DeVine Guitars and Ukuleles

There are a lot of factors that went into the creation of DeVine Guitars and we have had many mentors and inspirations along the way.

The Past

Eric DeVine was born in the small town of Woodinville, about 40 minutes east of Seattle. Growing up in a construction family, Eric was taught the art of working with his hands at a very young age. Acquiring such skills as woodworking, operating heavy equipment and mechanics, Eric was always hungry for knowledge and trying to improve upon the traditional ways of art and design. Even though Eric enjoyed the challenge and hard work of construction, he sought a more creative way of expressing himself. On his 13th birthday, Eric received his first guitar, and so began his obsession with music and how it was made. Although Eric has always had a profound love for all types of music, his constant desire to understand how things work eventually led him to dismantle his guitar only to examine it and put it back together again. This need to understand how music and sound worked would change the way Eric looked at music for ever. Eric moved to Kona, Hawaii in 1996 after growing increasingly tired of working outdoors through the winters in the Pacific northwest. As most people that visit or come to Hawaii, Eric immediately fell in love with the ukulele and the sounds and lifestyle of the islands. Eric, still working in the construction trade, eventually traded in his Electric guitar for his first ukulele. Coming from the dark and grungy music explosion of Seattle in the 90's, Eric was inspired by the laidback styles of ukulele and slack key guitar and eventually started building instruments.

The Future

The Present