Custom Ukulele from DeVine Guitars and Ukuleles

Which custom ukulele is right for you?

There is a custom DeVine Ukulele for every style of playing. Whether you are looking for a solo jazz ukulele or a 6-string Kasha baritone uke to fill your life with music, we can custom make you the ukulele of your dreams.

Eric DeVine carving a ukulele top

If you are not quite sure what style or what tonewoods will suit your playing style best, please contact us and we would be more than happy to offer you some suggestions.

Ukulele neck carving

The Kasha bracing system

The Kasha bracing system uses 24 different tone bars to stabilize the top and spread out the vibration from the strings. Although it is much more complex than a traditional ukulele top, the Kasha top provides a more open sound with a bigger range of Frequency.

Kasha ukulele bracing

Customizing your ukulele

Customizing your ukulele with tasteful inlay is a way to trigger all of the senses.

Koa ukulele sizes

Choosing your ukulele woods

Choosing your own ukulele wood is a very personal thing. At DeVine Guitars and Ukulele we love to let our customers pick out the exact koa or other beautiful ukulele tonewood they want. This helps to involve the customer and make the building process a much more intimate experience.

Muse ukulele back

Kimo Hussey

Kimo Hussey explaining some of the differences between baritone and tenor ukuleles.

Which model is right for you?

The Kasha Ukulele

The Kasha ukulele is the foundation that DeVine Guitars and Ukuleles was built off of. It's full sound, wide tonal response and long sustain change the way most people think of the ukulele. The Kasha uke has a shallow waist allowing for more of the top to resinate the lower tones a little more. Over all, the Kasha ukulele is a very open sounding instrument with lots of volume and sustain. The Kasha model plays equally well strumming and finger picking. If you were to compare it to a guitar, it would be the Dreadnought of the uke world.
-Pictured below-

Kash ukulele

The Muse Ukulele

Named for it's ability to inspire, the Muse ukulele is sure to bring out your inner artist. It's tighter waist and sloping shoulders give it a look that suggests precision and accuracy. The Muse model ukulele is based off of the same bracing system as the Kasha ukulele but designed for a more precise style of playing. The Muse offers a slightly more detailed sound. You will tend to hear the strings more independently of each other. This makes it just slightly better for finder picking or classical styles of playing. If you were to compare it to a guitar, it would be the Jumbo or Grand Auditorium of the uke would.
-Pictured below-

Muse ukulele