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Custom Koa ukuleles

DeVine ukuleles have become known as some of the best handmade ukuleles in the world. From the beautiful curly koa they are made of, to the extremely smooth playability, DeVine ukuleles are truly musical works of art.

These beautiful instruments can also be customized with a variety of detailed inlay to suite you taste.

koa ukuleles

Custom Guitars made in Hawaii

What is it about a custom guitar or any other hand made instrument that makes us feel so inspired? Maybe it?s the beautiful curly koa or Brazilian rosewood that it is made of. Possibly it is the fact that these custom ukuleles and guitars are one of a kind with no two that are alike. Or, it could be the connection you feel from dealing with a luthier that truly cares and strives to build custom koa ukuleles and guitars that change all previous notions of what you thought an instrument could do.  The answer is different for every musician or collector.

Hawaiian slack key guitars

There are few things in this world as beautiful as the sound of Hawaiian slack key guitar. Hawaii's rich history of music and story has given us the gift of slack key. This open tuning and mostly finger-picked guitar style seems to pull musicians in like no other type of music. The soft sounds and rolling bass notes may remind us of our time in the hawaiian islands, or maybe the stories it tells takes us back to a simpler time. Whatever it is, the draw is unmistakable.

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A Custom Ukulele Made Just For You

Whether you are looking to find that unique custom guitar that gives you the detailed sound and smooth playability you have always dreamed of, or you are looking for a custom ukulele from Hawaii that will inspire you and your song writing on those cold winter nights, DeVine Guitars & ukuleles will provide you with the knowledge and insight to help you choose the perfect custom instrument for you and your playing style.

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Eddie Vedder playing DeVine Ukuleles


Eddie Vedder's first video from his new album "Ukulele Songs" features Eddie playing a DeVine Ukulele. Eddie Vedder is playing a Kasha tenor DeVine Ukulele with quilted maple back and sides and a cedar top. His uke also features rope purfling along the body and fretboard.

Eddie Vedder ukulele songs